Improving team building and social interaction through board games

This term the students in Elm area of Liverpool Progressive School have been focusing on improving team building and social interaction skills. the students have been completing various tasks aimed at helping them to work as part of a team, some of these tasks have been:

  • constructing the tallest tower out of newspaper
  • creating a net to catch an egg
  • building the tallest tower of cards

The students have also been working on their social interaction skills through a weekly board game session. During this session students have been playing a variety of board games with each other and their teaching and learning assistants. As the term has progressed the students have became more independent and have been choosing various games and rotas to play these games. They have also been showing an improvement in their conflict handling skills, working together to overcome any issues that can arise during their games. This is a hugely important skill for our students to learn!!!

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