About our School



Thank you for visiting our school website, which we hope you will find useful and informative. Liverpool Progressive School offers education and support for young people under 19 with a range of conditions, disabilities and complex support needs.

Mrs Linda Dunbavand, Head Teacher

Mission Statement

Liverpool Progressive School helps children towards a better future by providing the highest quality of education where inclusion, enrichment and progression enable achievement for all children by focusing on their specific and complex needs.

  • “Outstanding teaching ensures that students make excellent progress in their learning and personal development. Teachers and learning support assistants work exceedingly well together to provide support and challenge for students.”
  • “Students’ achievement is outstanding, exemplified by the number of unit awards that they successfully achieve. Their progress from very low starting points with reading, communication and numeracy is excellent.”
  • “Arrangements for the safeguarding of students are exemplary. Policies and procedures are implemented consistently by very well trained staff.”
  • “The proprietors and senior leaders demonstrate an outstanding vision for how the lives of students with complex learning needs may be transformed. They implement this vision to an extremely high standard and have ensured the continuous improvement of the school since the last inspection.”

Before admission you will be encouraged to visit the school and meet with the Head Teacher and other senior staff to discuss your individual needs. The visit will include the opportunity to look around the school and have taster sessions.

When admitted to Liverpool Progressive School an initial period of assessment takes place to ascertain your current academic levels. After this initial assessment the teacher will then be able to draw up a draft IEP (Individual Education Plan). The plan contains at least three specific targets that can be applied across the curriculum. Two of these targets are usually about a literacy or numeracy target and third target is social, behavioral or communication target.

You will be invited to meet with the class teacher and senior member of staff for an interim review and annual review of the statement. Before the meeting you will receive a copy of the teacher’s review and a form to note any comments you wish to make.  Pupils also complete an activity with the class teacher, using the students preferred method of communication such as, photographs, symbols and PEC’s to indicate what they like about school or what they want help with.

Teachers and Learning Support Assistants will share any concerns regarding SEN with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), who will carry out further assessments (formal and informal) and liaise with other professionals where appropriate.

At Liverpool Progressive School you will have access to a specialist learning disability nurse, the use of a speech and language therapist, music and movement therapists and Occupational Therapist if needed.

We believe in delivering a quality service. We work in quite specialist areas we know it is important to have our own expertise in the form or an Autism Advisor who can offer guidance and support, as well as ensuring the implementation of our autism strategy. Our Autism Advisor leads our Autism Strategy, is involved in staff training and works with staff teams and individuals who need that very specialist input.

We also work closely with TAGS to provide independent and impartial transitional and guidance to help you make successful life transitions.

We always welcome other outside agencies/professionals if their input is required such as positive behaviour support services, advocates and others.

At Liverpool Progressive School we work in partnership on a daily basis with parents and carers so we can meet your specific needs with the use of communication school/home diaries. We also actively involve parents and carers through progress reports, meetings, reviews, sports days, school events, coffee mornings and fundraising events.

At Liverpool Progressive School you will have regular structured community access activities/lessons. With the aim being to develop your independence in community settings such as use of public transport, local services and amenities including the use of local libraries, shops, swimming baths, museums, sport halls etc.

Independence is encouraged and promoted at Liverpool Progressive School and is part of our 24 hour curriculum. Throughout the school day you are encouraged to develop your independence which is facilitated by the staff team. This can also take place outside of structured lessons such as ILS/PSHE&C where opportunities arise no matter how small, we will always encourage you to develop your independence.

At Liverpool Progressive School we track your progress on an ongoing basis and we may put strategies/interventions in place to assist you if you need extra support in reaching your expected targets.

You will receive regular reports and be invited to attend meetings to discuss your progress.

Our SENCO is available to you any time.

Students are always encouraged to participate in the planning of their targets along with the teachers and parents using students preferred method of communication such as, photographs, symbols and PEC’s.

All students have individual timetables which are tailored to their specific needs which are reviewed regularly. If you have difficulty taking part in school activities we will always offer an alternative lesson/activity again tailored to your needs, ability and preferred learning style.

At Liverpool Progressive School you will have regular work experience activities built in to your timetable. With the aim being to develop your independence and skills in the working environment.

Work experience is offered both internally and externally (as appropriate) during the three years in Post 16. Access to work experience is dependent on the needs and abilities of the individual. Students may participate in Business Enterprise activities throughout their time, where they will gain experience of a range of aspects related to running a business and employment.

As you progress through the school towards adult life, our aim is to ensure that you are confident and looking forward to your change in status.

Liverpool Progressive School has the support of the TAGS to provide independent and impartial transitional and guidance to help you make successful life transitions.

Staff and the Independent Transitional Adviser are invited to all age 16+ reviews to offer you advice and support. You can also request one to one sessions with Independent Transitional Adviser if you wish.

Pupils who may wish to consider further learning can have supported “taster” days at the local College / Centres, whilst those pupils who are interested in supported employment can also access those facilities.

You will be working with staff team of Learning Support Assistants and Teachers who will build positive relationships with you, who you should feel comfortable with and able to talk to about anything that is worrying you.